An all-round Bail Wave Calculator! It calculates your Jail Size, Damage to Meat Ratio and the amount of Meat Troops required to jail them all! Fill in all the settings and you'll find out in no-time!
  • Global Buildings
Hood Name Law Firm Lv Safe House Lv
First Neighborhood
Greenwich Village East
Greenwich Village West
Brooklyn East
Brooklyn West
Park Avenue
Atlantic City
Little Italy
  • Attack Hood Specific
Hideout Lv 10:
Hideout Lv 11:
Hideout Lv 12:
Hideout Lv 13:
Hideout Lv 14:
Hideout Lv 15:
Hideout Lv 16:
Hideout Lv 17:
Hideout Lv 18:
Hideout Lv 19:
Hideout Lv 20:
Hideout Lv 21:
Hideout Lv 22:
Hideout Lv 23:
Mansion Lv:
Increased Jail Size (Council): %
Jail Size: Meat Ratio: Meat Troops:
  • Pre-determined Bail Wave Size
Damage Troops: Meat Troops: