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Spend Event September 21st, 2017

Hey Boss,

The Don has an offer you’ll find hard to refuse. Spend Diamonds and you’ll gain access to glorious items including Secret Army the collection item for the ongoing Collection Event, Don’s Decree +25, and Don’s Assent Bundles.

Between 12:00 am PDT September 22nd and 12:00 am PDT September 23rd, Spending Diamonds will earn you awesome prizes!

For every 75 Diamonds you Spend, win 1x Don’s Decree +20, 2x 1-Hour Speed Up, and 1,000 Misses Neat Troops but that’s not all! (No Limit)

For every 750 Diamonds you Spend, win 2x Don’s Decree +21, 1x Don’s Permit, 5,000 CarBomber Troops, 5,000 Promotions, and 6x 15-Hour Speed Up + prizes above! (No Limit)

For every 1,500 Diamonds you Spend, win 1x Don’s Decree +22, 5,000 Collas Men Troops, 5,000 Getaway Driver Troops, 1x Don’s Permit Bundle, and 3x 24-hour Speed Up + prizes above! (Limit 5)

For every 3,000 Diamonds you Spend, win 2x Don’s Decree +23, 1x Don’s Regard, 10,000 Addiopizzo Troops, 10,000 ManEater Troops, 20,000 Romeo Troops, 4x 2.5-Day Speed Up, and 10x Silver Tokens + Prizes above (Limit 3)

For every 6,000 Diamonds you Spend, win 1x Secret Army, 2x Don’s Esteem, 2x Don’s Decree +24, 3x Don’s Assent, 20,000 Bonnie Troops, 20,000 Clyde Troops, 6x 4-Day Speed Up, 3x 99% Training Whistle, and 30x Silver Tokens + prizes above (Limit 2)

For every 10,000 Diamonds you Spend, win 2x Don’s Decree +25, 2x Don’s Decree +24, 2x Don’s Assent Bundle, 50x Silver Tokens, 1x Don’s Honor, 5x 7-day Speed Up, 30,000 Bootlegger Troops, and 30,000 Gravedigger Troops + prizes above (Limit 2)

Prizes are earned on a per server basis and will be distributed on a server-by-server basis within 24 hours of the conclusion of the event. Prizes will be awarded in multiple messages.

Thanks for playing!

-The Godfather: Five Families Team

Rumor Mill


KoC is getting a merger and that might mean mergers are on the horizon.  We just may be on the list of RY games.